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Calculator CALEC® ST III for thermal energy now available for Glycol

The thermal energy calculator CALEC® ST III now manages all types of Glycol-based heat transfer medium.

Glycol-based is a heat transfer medium often used in cooling and heating HVAC systems, solar energy systems, and heat pumps. The food industry especially benefits from it in its industrial refrigeration equipments, such as in dairies, ice-cream, and fish processing factories, breweries, and cold stores.

The heat transfer capability of glycol is an optimal solution for thermal energy as it enables a low freezing point when mixed with water. The medium also ensures protection from corrosion with a reduced viscosity and takes advantage of the excellent heat transfer properties of water over a broad range of temperatures, allowing increased heat capacity and thermal conductivity.

With this new feature, CALEC® ST III can perform accurately polynomial readings for the physical characteristics of heat transfer liquids with respect to concentration and temperature. Metering is then perfectly accurate even with complex specificities, energy and volume being fully and properly calculated.

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